Who we are

James and Shana Windham - Texas Gulf Bay Homes

I am James Windham, co-owner with my wife Shana of Texas Gulf Bay Homes, LLC. I am a master carpenter with 29 years of residential and commercial construction experience. My background includes custom and semi-custom homes as well as extensive remodeling projects. My expertise includes building concrete masonry homes (CMU’s) along the Florida coast, traditional frame, and piling homes. I know that my hands-on experience in the field brings a unique and beneficial perspective when building your home because I know how and what should be in the details. It is in the detail that separates a good home from a high quality home and high quality is what I produce.

Texas Gulf Bay Homes - On the Job

You might just find me looking like this on the job site working hard to get the job done!

I am a family man from Texas and this is a family business. I am blessed to have a wife whose degree in accounting keeps the office running smoothly. Our children are learning the value of work being Daddy’s helper and being exposed to all aspects of the home building business.

Texas Gulf Bay Homes are beautiful and unique in all the details. We take pride in doing things right the first time with well thought out plans and cringe at the thought of short cuts. When you are ready to build a home or remodel your existing home give us a call and let’s work together to build the high quality home you deserve.